Dietary Recommendations

10 Ways to eat & live a healthy lifestyle

1. Reduce your sugar intake. This is the #1 cause of obesity in the United States. If you want to lose a few pounds, just cut down on the sugar intake. This can be a real challenge in the United States because most of the items we have readily have available is overly sweetened by measures of 50-60%. That goes for cereal, donuts, cakes, coffee, candies, and chocolate bars. You shouldn’t have them; you are craving for the sugar rush it can offer you. Those types of food have no real nutritional values. Stick with whole grains and food that can be obtained fresh in the market.

2. Daily exercise is good for you. Have you taken a walk today? Believe or not, a majority of us hardly walk these days. Just a two block walk is a problem for us. The least you can do when you have no time for the gym is going out after breakfast, lunch, or dinner at least once a day. Get some Vitamin D (given off by the Sun); it makes you happier and, in general, betters your mood. Just go take a walk!

3. Get some fresh air! People working from their homes or in the office all day don’t come out. You are breathing in stale air, stagnate dead air. Go sit outside by the park where there are trees; trees give out the oxygen we need.

4. Get rid of junk food or snacks. They make you gain weight and ruin your appetite when the real food is served. How many times have you eaten some chips or a chocolate bar before dinner and then didn’t feel like eating the delicious dinner that was served in the evening? If you eat a full balanced meal three times a day, you shouldn’t be snacking. If you do snack in between meals, you didn’t eat enough; it means that you might be still hungry. How about going and getting some real food that can fill you up?

5. Eat fresh fruits daily, the ones that are still whole and in its original form. They are available everywhere. There are no excuses; saying that it is too messy to peel an orange or eat an apple means you’re being lazy. I can’t imagine life without fruit. My son has asked for them every night after dinner ever since he was 2 years old.

6. Reduce salt intake. Did you know that almost all the food served out there are overly salted. I mean it. This is the biggest factor that can cause high blood pressure called ‘hypertension’ which can lead to heart attacks. Many people overly season their food after cooking. For what though? The chef has already seasoned it entirely way too much, but again you add more. Just imagine it how much salt you’re taking into your body.

7. Fresh fruit for DESSERT; not ice cream, not cakes, and not coffee.

8. Reduce coffee intake. Caffeine is a stimulant that causes your body to be hyperactive. If you don’t get that sensation, it is because you have developed a tolerance for it and it will take more and more to affect you. It can cause a many different health issues.

9. Reduce the amount of alcohol you partake in. Drinking socially or occasionally is fine, but having some every day is a very bad idea. Alcohol is ‘hot’ in nature. Despite it feeling and tasting great when it is chilled, it’s true nature is hot.

10. Avoid processed food. ‘Oh what am I going to eat’, you ask? You cannot be lazy when it comes to food; try cooking dinner from scratch. No TV dinners, no takeout, and no canned food. These are special treats only for special occasions. Buy whole foods and prepare them from scratch. That’s the way we need to eat to stay healthy.

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